[Computer] Please identify yourself. [Cortez] Pretty fancy! [Computer] I said, identify yourself. [Computer] IDENTIFY YOURSELF. [Cortez] Whoa, keep your hat on, computer lady.

A few weeks ago I replayed Metroid Prime and beat got 100% completion with the help of a friend.  The Phazon Mines, the Space Pirate’s final and powerful stronghold, not only has doors that only open to some of Samus’s weaponry, but it also has an elevator.  An elevator that requires you to scan it and tells you you’ve been approved to access it.

…How the heck is Samus allowed entry deeper into the base by her enemies’ computer systems?  The only logical conclusion is that Space Pirates are DUMB.

Oh by the way, I updated the Cast page this week!  Your favorite new character of choice is sure to have an appearance now.