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Other webcomics

I read a whole lot of webcomics--way more than the dinky list featured here. But these are the ones I would totally recommend if you walked up to me on the street or sent me an e-mail and was all "Hey know of any good webcomics?" DO I EVER. (And as an added bonus, if you refresh the page, the quotes change!)

Awkward Zombie

[Katie Tiedrich] Subtle humor is *classy*.


[Cerintha] But I'll die if you kill me and I dun' wanna die!! [Cerintha] Dying is bad and I don't like doing it!

Dinosaur Comics

[T-Rex] If I ever build an office building, I'll have room 403 have a lock on its door, and then it'll go straight to room 405. [T-Rex] What happened to room 404? [T-Rex] Hah hah! Looks like it's Not Found!

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

[Donovan Deegan] I'm a bard. Why do I do anything? [Donovan Deegan] Because it's funny. [Hukthak] I KNEW IT!

Gunnerkrigg Court

[Katerina Donlan] That's pretty sweet. Except for the part where you kill everyone.

Heavenly Nostrils

[Marigold] Oh, slumber parties! I know all about those. [Marigold] I shall prepare the sleeping potion. [Marigold] Then, we will need a map of the town's water supply. [Phoebe] We might not be thinking of the same thing.

Kiwi Blitz

[Steffi Frohlich] It'll be awesome! I'd be just like Iron Man! [Benzene Contractor] Sure, if Iron Man is both retarded and dead.

Mac Hall / Three Panel Soul

[Matt Boyd] But I don't have any reason to go postal! [Matt Boyd] Well, I guess hypothetically *now* I do. [Matt Boyd] I mean...wait, no.


[Meenah Peixes] maybe some day ill find an heiress who my genes dont instinctively make me wanna murder on sight

Nedroid Picture Diary

[Reginald] Did you know I invented Velcro? [Beartato] Did you know I'm considering leaving you on Neptune?


[Johnny] Have you considered instead getting your kicks in the form of *actual* kicks? Cuz I know a guy. [Johnny] It's me. I'm the kick guy. Let me kick you.

Sam and Fuzzy

[Fuzzy] Ok! I just entered our course into the navigation system. [Fuzzy] Or played a round of digital snakes and ladders. [Fuzzy] Either way, we're good.

Slightly Damned

[Heathcliff Sinclair] YOU AGAIN!? [Heathcliff Sinclair] What are you doing in my house!? [Buwaro Elexion] E-eating cookies...?