[Panik] Why aren’t you dead? [Yami] As I explained earlier, I’m the main character.  You however can just go right ahead and die.

While I’m about halfway through Skyward Sword, this is actually an Ocarina of Time reference, specifically the Cavern of He Who Dislikes Smoke.  I can’t count how many times I saw a bunch of bats on the ceiling, went “Hey watch this!”, ran under them, and cast Din’s Fire, only to realize that not only were my enemies perfectly fine, but I had actually made them MORE dangerous.

I’m just saying, if I’m running from a Keese and it accidentally flies through a torch, I feel like it should be writhing on the ground instead of continuing its beeline for my shield.

(WHY ARE ZELDA COMICS SO EASY TO COME UP WITH??  Seriously I have ideas for four more but I’m trying to space them out, jeez.)