[Sheik] The flow of time is always cruel… [Sheik] Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it…

I continue to be unable to correctly draw people.  WELL DONE.  PROGRESS MADE.

I’m not very fond of how this comic is 98% dialogue, or how it seems to fall flat after the fourth panel, or how it’s basically the same joke as last week.  I couldn’t help but include it, though, because it’s quite simply a true story.  Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, before the internet was super popular and/or a viable solution to pretty much everything ever, you could totally call a hotline and some guy/girl from Nintendo would help you out if you were stuck in a game.  I never called any of those hotlines–in fact, if you check out my original Castlevania: Symphony of the Night save time records, there was a seven-hour interval between two bosses simply because I wandered the castle unable to figure out where to go next.  I wasn’t buying the Jewel of Open on purpose because it said it opened magic blue doors and all the doors I could find were purple.  It later turned out to be that the settings on my TV were wacky.

ANYWAY.  I once read an article somewhere (probably in Nintendo Power, but who knows which issue) where they talked with past Nintendo Game Counselors, and they mentioned that one of the calls they got the most was from people who had no idea what to do in the first two minutes of Link to the Past.  Last week’s comic featured the opening dialogue word-for-word.  He specifically says “I WILL BE BACK, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE”, and then he never comes back!  I guess back in 1991 people were much more trusting, because these days we’re all “Ha ha GLaDOS I’m pretty sure this test chamber is NOT broken stop lying to me.”