[Eggman] That maaaad scientist! [Tails] That should be you, right?

This one was so much fun to draw.  Despite the lack of cogs in the background, this comic is modeled after Mad Gear Zone Act 1 from the semi-recent Sonic the Hedgehog 4.  I swear, the piston crushers were in the most obnoxious places; I must have died to them half a dozen times when I was playing the game.  Especially that one part where you spring up to the next ledge and it turns out the ledge is not actually a ledge but rather the underside of a piston and you’d better jump back off in the next half-second or you’re squished.

So yeah.  As far as Sonic’s life expectancy goes, death-by-piston is pretty far up there on the list.

Still, that level has some pretty cool music.