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Other webcomics

I read a whole lot of webcomics--way more than the dinky list featured here. But these are the ones I would totally recommend if you walked up to me on the street or sent me an e-mail and was all "Hey know of any good webcomics?" DO I EVER. (And as an added bonus, if you refresh the page, the quotes change!)

Awkward Zombie

[Katie Tiedrich] Alright, then! Go, Blastoise! [Katie Tiedrich] AGH WAIT WAIT WAIT--


[Mandrake] You know how it is. You're going about your business. [Mandrake] Conquering a city. [Mandrake] And suddenly, everything ends up on fire somehow! [Empress Honey] ... [Mandrake] IT HAPPENS!

Dinosaur Comics

[T-Rex] ALSO: it has lyrics. [Utahraptor] Really? What are they? [T-Rex] "Oh, Lord our God / Be thou our guide / That by thy help / No foot may slide." [T-Rex] ... [T-Rex] It's basically the worst instructional dance ever.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

[Bumper] I think we should stop trying to rob someone who can see the future.

Gunnerkrigg Court

[Katerina Donlan] That's pretty sweet. Except for the part where you kill everyone.

Heavenly Nostrils

[Phoebe] Mom, I have to go to a unicorn's birthday party and solve a mystery. What should I wear? [Phoebe's mom] I had the same dilemma at your age. [Phoebe] Really? [Phoebe's mom] Of course not.

Kiwi Blitz

[Steffi Frohlich] I've never been here before. It's actually kind of creepy. [Benzene Contractor] You've never had a field trip to here? [Steffi Frohlich] Daww, you and your adorable public school activities.

Mac Hall / Three Panel Soul

[Ian McConville] That's right, I said it! Graduating senior here! Do your worst! [Teacher] I can fail you and you won't graduate. [Ian McConville] That's more worst than I'm ready for. Please continue.


You're quite certain there has never been, and never will be, a pumpkin in this room!

Nedroid Picture Diary

[Reginald] Who ate all my lasagna? [Boss] SHUT IT DOWN


[Johnny] Have you considered instead getting your kicks in the form of *actual* kicks? Cuz I know a guy. [Johnny] It's me. I'm the kick guy. Let me kick you.

Sam and Fuzzy

[Fuzzy] Is that really true? [Rexford] It's true now. We're a powerful organization.

Slightly Damned

[Kieri Suizahn] Y-Y-Y-You were m-MURDERED? [Rhea Snaketail] Didn't I tell you?