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Other webcomics

I read a whole lot of webcomics--way more than the dinky list featured here. But these are the ones I would totally recommend if you walked up to me on the street or sent me an e-mail and was all "Hey know of any good webcomics?" DO I EVER. (And as an added bonus, if you refresh the page, the quotes change!)

Awkward Zombie

[Master Hand] WHY ARE YOU HERE? [Master Hand] WHO LET YOU IN? [Roy] I blame Marth. [Master Hand] BLAME ACCEPTED.


[Citizen] FLEE! YOU MUST FLEE! [Citizen] DOOM HAS BEFALLEN US ALL! [Cerintha] Permission to hide and cry, sir? [Larkspur] Denied.

Dinosaur Comics

[T-Rex] I've got two words for you, self! [T-Rex] Maybetomorrowyoucould Tryaccomplishingmoreconcretegoals!!

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

[Bumper] I think we should stop trying to rob someone who can see the future.

Gunnerkrigg Court

[Jones] Hmm. [Jones] Suddenly I am wearing a party hat.

Heavenly Nostrils

[Phoebe] Do you think we're alone in the universe? [Marigold] I doubt it. [Phoebe] Why? [Marigold] Well, we saw your parents half an hour ago.

Kiwi Blitz

[Blitz] ...Do you ALWAYS pack some sort of heist snack? [Raccoon] Of course not! This was sittin' on the guy's desk. [Raccoon] Also, paperclips.

Mac Hall / Three Panel Soul

[Jes McConville] You had crayfish with buttered corn for lunch today. [Jes McConville] Pregnancy has made me a *superhero*.


[Terezi Pyrope] K4RK4T, H3S 4 J3RK! [Terezi Pyrope] H3 H4S ST4BB3D YOU ON MOR3 TH4N ON3 OCC4S1ON! [Karkat Vantas] SOME OF THOSE STABBINGS WERE ACCIDENTAL!

Nedroid Picture Diary

[Reginald] I like to think that I'm good with words. In fact, you might even say that I'm...SUPER good with words. [Reginald] Like REALLY super good.


[Maxwell] Well then, uh...what's the Activity Club do? [Suzy] GOOD QUESTION!! [Collin] Pandora's box, Max. You just ripped it in half.

Sam and Fuzzy

[Black] What the hell, man! I thought you were supposed to be the nice one! [Sam] What can I say? Every single person I know is a bad influence.

Slightly Damned

[Kieri Suizahn] Buwaro, please be careful around bees. [Buwaro Elexion] I'll be careful about the whole alphabet! [Kieri Suizahn] ...What?