The main character of our story, for better or for worse. He's a kind-hearted shark that may or may not actually realize that misfortune follows him everywhere he goes. Your guess is as good as mine.

His hobbies include video games, jumping off of waterfalls, and being far too naive for his own good.

First appearance: #1 - Nice to Meet You, Shark!


Because of my obvious lack of drawing ability (and because Jeph Jacques suggested it) I've been practicing my artwork in a notebook every day since before the comic began. It didn't take long for this little guy to start showing up, criticizing the bad drawings and (very rarely) expressing satisfaction at the good ones. More often than not, he just snubs everything. Kind of like a cat! I don't actually have a cat, but I've heard stories. Someday I'll get a cat.

First appearance: #11 - Professor Layton and the Unfortunate Shark

"Steve" the Memefish

Steve knows all the memes--ALL of them. His meme count doesn't stop from getting bigger.

(Most of them tend to be from Homestuck, though.)

First appearance: #41 - Not a Celebrity

"Catfish" the Piranha

Catfish is a friend of Steve's. They apparently share the same sense of humor, but it's unknown if that sense of humor actually includes putting Shark in unfortunate situations. It probably does.

His name is a reference to The Adventures of Jimmy, which is totally required reading.

First appearance: #41 - Not a Celebrity


This guy is trying really hard to not show up in the comic.

First appearance: #35 - Resolution Sans Resolve


Technically he's a Minecraft Squid, except he's French. You can tell he's French because he wears a beret.

Oh, and because he speaks French. That's probably the bigger clue, actually.

First appearance: #4 - Talkin' 'bout Minecraft

100-ton Weight

Where the heck does this thing keep coming from?

First appearance: #19 - Super Splash Brothers


Prince isn't very big, but he's really well-respected in his community. His name may or may not be a clue to why that is.

He holds Shark in pretty high esteem. All bets are off on that one.

First appearance: #75 - For Great Justice


He may not look it, but Shore's favorite hobby is mathematics of all kinds. He's the kind of guy that would read comic #76, think about it for a second, and then tell you his village's population is roughly 294. (He would probably figure out the margin of error on that calculation, too, but he's nice enough to not mention it because he knows you don't actually care.)

First appearance: #76 - Dead on Arrival


Susie is young and headstrong, and that's really all there is to say on the matter.

First appearance: #76 - Dead on Arrival


If Shark had an arch-enemy, it'd be this guy. Bullyfish has a fiery temper that flares up easily, and doesn't really care about what you think on pretty much anything.

He was first encountered while attacking Prince's village. What's that? You say he also shows up in comics #2, #11, and #49? No, those aren't him, they just...look extremely similar. It's just like how none of the piranhas in comic #11 are Catfish. The resemblance IS uncanny, though!

First appearance: #77 - He Who Makes Life Tough for Others

Lieutenant Bridget Solta

Bridget is new in town, in more ways than one. She's making the best of it, though, and although she's broken her cover a few times already, everyone else is too clueless to notice.

First appearance: #91 - Identity Crisis