[Larom Lancaster] …You’re quoting something again, aren’t you?

It’s true; this, the two-year anniversary of Shark’s arrival, is the final regularly-scheduled update of Poor Shark. Without even mentioning all of the different trips I have planned this summer, I’m heading off to college in a couple of months to get a Master’s degree, and I likely won’t have my scanner, the right software, or the time to reliably keep producing comics. For the past two years, I’ve been making this comic once a week without ever skipping an update, or without ever being even a second late. I’m really proud of that–even some of the webcomic artists that I most respect can’t claim they’ve never had a delayed update.

Anyway, I say “regularly-scheduled” because there’s still a chance I’ll have more content up here at a later date. There are a few scripts I’ve had planned since Shark’s early days that I just didn’t feel I could do justice with my drawing abilities, or that they would have taken too long to do. If I ever drop my standards a little, it’s possible I can still post some pencil sketches of Shark’s escapades in the future. In addition to all of that, I plan to use what little extra time I have while at graduate school to work on a game I’ve codenamed Project Crissaegrim. (Given that my previous project was named Solais, I guess I’m codenaming my projects after Castlevania weapons now. This is a thing. I’m running with it.) Once Crissaegrim takes off, I’ll be sure to post updates here or on a sister site regarding its progress and how to join in and play it.

Anyway, it’s been a blast to bring Shark’s antics to you over the past two years, and I want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who has been a reader of my comic, past, present, or future. I appreciate all the support, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Poor Shark as much as I have!