[Bill Amend] I do a lot of strips where I assume, maybe if I’m lucky, 2% of the readers get the joke.

I’m back from Comic-con!  It was great and I met a lot of awesome people whom I truly admire.  Bill Amend of Foxtrot fame was there and held a funny panel (and got an award!)  There were of course a ton of movie and video game promotions/trailers/demos, which I would list if the list wasn’t dozens of items long.  The important ones are in the comic.

About two-thirds down you might have noticed there were pictures of some other webcomickers.  All these guys (and gals) were super friendly and awesome and easy to talk to, and if you find yourself with some spare time they’ve got comics you should totally be reading:

Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan
Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle
Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter (she was sharing Mary’s booth but was at a panel at the time of the picture)
Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook