[Slash] Oh ready and waiting, o evil one!  Ooh–did I say evil? [Hack] Oh, what a giveaway. [Slash] I said evil once but I think I got away with it. [Hack] Three times! [Slash] What? [Hack] You said it THREE times! [Slash] What, evil? [Hack] That’s four. [Slash] Oh, I hate that.

Classic misdirection!  Also that’s gotta be the longest blog quote so far, but it’s one of my favorites.

I updated my Links page yesterday with +10 quotes, 5 of which are from Three Panel Soul (which is kinda-sorta a continuation of Mac Hall.)  So check that out if you enjoy endlessly refreshing the page to view funny stuff written by people that aren’t me.

Tune in the next two weeks for partially-based-on-real-life-comics!  (You’ve got to have something to do in-between these next apparently-huge Homestuck hiatuses, am I right?)