[Aang] Is that a…blubbering blob monster? [Sokka] No, it’s Suki! [Toph Bei Fong] Suki, we’ll ALL understand if you break up with him over this.

Semi-based on a true story.

This week marks one year of Poor Shark comics!  The actual 1-year anniversary is next week, and I’ll have two big surprises to mark the occasion!  Until then, feel free to amuse yourself with these statistics that I gathered just now.

Poor Shark! Year One Stats

Out of 52 comics in 52 weeks:

Comics that reference video games: 45
Comics that feature Shark: 43
Pokéballs wasted: 22
Comics based on The Legend of Zelda: 9
Times Shark was attacked by other fish: 7
Times Shark dove off a waterfall: 3
Comics featuring a laminated Shark: 2
Helicopters crashed: 1
Chickens that went “Quack”: 1

Clearly, the true aim of this webcomic is video game references.  I wonder if I could just sort of…phase out Shark entirely and no one would notice?  (I’m kidding.  (Kind of.))