[Dad] If only your older sister Dee Dee was here to see this… [Dee Dee] I’m right here, Dad. [Dad] Dee Dee–Dee Dee, where have you been all these years? [Dee Dee] Right behind you. [Dad] Oh, you know I never look back there!

(Unlike Angel Island, Skyloft actually had waterfalls flowing off the cliffs.)

Skyward Sword was absolutely incredible; I’m not criticizing it. ¬†But I find the ways in which games start the story interesting. ¬†Ocarina of Time made sense because Mido was always like “No you CANNOT go see the Deku Tree OR leave the forest!” so everything was a new experience, but in Skyward Sword, there’s not really anywhere to go, so it’s pretty much inexcusable for Link not to know every square inch of the island and everyone on it.