SURPRISE ANOTHER COMIC DEVOID OF SHARK.  My bad.  He’ll be back next week.

The Flamelurker, probably the most well-known of the game’s bosses, is basically why I stopped playing Demon’s Souls the first time.  Well, that, and despite leveling up a lot, my character was pretty pathetic.  I did finally platinum the game a month or two ago, and did it as a mage.  SO glad I didn’t have to melee everything this time.  (Fun fact: The dialogue of the first character is word-for-word what I yelled at my television the first time I ever fought him.)

Another fun fact: I was sketching this comic, stressing out about having to draw people again, when I realized I had no clue what the Flamelurker actually looked like–all I could remember was a giant flaming monster desperately trying to kill me.  So I looked him up on Google Images and realized he’s still a giant flaming monster, except with lots of spikes all over.  But since the pictures were all kind of blurry due to gigantic helpings of fire, I looked up a walkthrough on YouTube to find a better pose example.  What I saw was basically “step step FIERY EXPLOSION step step FIERY EXPLOSION” and you still couldn’t actually see anything but flame.