[Melinda] My advice: Be ready to run and know where you’re running to.  I hope the monsters don’t kill you too many times.  Hopefully Yours, Melinda

I’ve been adverse to using the Line Tool when everything else is hand-drawn, but I gotta say this turned out really well.  The force floors look almost exactly like the real game!

Chip’s Challenge is a game that remains fondly in the hearts of anyone who played it decades ago.  It wasn’t my first PC puzzle game, but it was the first PC puzzle game that didn’t make me completely and utterly hate it when I came to a hard level.  (And Melinda let you skip levels that you kept dying on, which was also a nice touch.)

Oh hey, by the way, the Links page has been updated with my Twitter account.  A friend of mine sent me an invite when Twitter first started up, and I was like “ha ha what is this I’ll never use this”.  I joined recently and I’m still slow at using it, but jeez I wish I would have made an account way back then so ALL THE NAMES I wanted weren’t already taken.