[Hunnid-P] Let’s take a dive, in Aquatic Mine / Once was a coal pit but now it’s a water ride

Makes you wanna sit back, enjoy your life
And do things you like doing, get to shine
It sure beats fighting with the foes all the time
But I gotta do it, they always stay outta line
Sometimes I wanna just chill and land
But I’m the protector of the Emeralds and gems
I stay knuckled up, I’m in a deep cut
I’m seeing skulls that burn, they trying to cut me off
Avoiding my luck, I’m feeling kinda stuck
I’m in narrow hallways running like it’s a ballgame
Hand tracks be trackin’ me to different doorways
In a maze, and I don’t know what to do
Guaranteed though, I’mma find the Emeralds
Don’t call me Knuckles for nothing, I can’t lose

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It’s just so relevant! And the game is top-notch, too.

I’ve been tweaking the site a little this week, including performing some updates and making a Cast page and favicon, etc. ┬áMore stuff is on the way!